Now is the time for citizens in our communities and neighborhoods to engage in the political process. Texas Election turnout has been diminishing because fewer voters engage with the process that determines party issues and governmental matters. Our grassroots need more assistance because party precinct chairs & volunteers are important political positions.  They need help building their networks and promoting  the conservative movement. These dedicated patriots are the foundation of the republican party that turnout the vote and create more victories.

In 2018, an increase occurred for voter participation in Texas Primaries when comparing to the last gubernatorial cycle.  The Republican Party Primary had a very small increase that stood at 0.18%. However, the Democratic Party Primary did better and increased turnout by 2.89%.  We can influence these numbers because Harris County has the highest concentration of Republicans in the nation.  More primary turnout means GOP Precinct Chairs & Volunteers have more people willing to hear our ideas and attend events. Our grassroots need more help to interact with voters to join our conservative movement.

In 1978, primary turnout was 38.88% among registered voters in Texas. Unlike 2018, which had only 17.7% of eligible voters exercise their civic duty. (Charlotte helped Frm Governor Bill Clements in that year) General Elections that feature state government officials running statewide has voter turnout decreasing.   In 1970, the figure among registered voters was 53.89% and 33.70% in 2014. These numbers display failure to motivate voters on influencing outcomes.  This is an open door policy for Democrats to turn Texas Blue.

Presidential General Elections have been displaying low turnout numbers over time. In 1980, Texas had a very high turnout of 68.40% among registered voters. However, this  figure became only 59% when Donald Trump ran for President. Similarly, voter turnout was about this amount in 2012. These figures could create an open door policy for Democrats to turn Texas Blue.  The success of GOP Presidential Candidates have decreased in recent years. Mitt Romney received 57.17% and Donald Trump had only 52.23%.

We must keep Texas Red… and Ready!

*Figures were from the Texas Secretary of State Website