On the weekend of April 6th and 7th I traveled to Austin to see for myself how, where and in what way I could contribute to the to the State Republican Executive Committee. It was exciting to connect with such dedicated volunteers from all over Texas at one location. It was a unique opportunity to hear the concerns, the challenges and the contributions that face Texas. As a “City Girl” I had extensive conversations with our “rural patriots” on the challenges they are facing and the support they need. I sat in on various Committees members and Chairs of the Committees throughout the weekend.
At one Committee meeting, I was asked to introduce myself and I shared one of our seven HCRP Training Manuals (that I copied at my own expense) with the Committee as a whole. As I talked further with the Chair, he explained that although they cannot tell a new incoming Committee what direction to go – the need that they were hearing from ALL OVER TEXAS was a request for MORE TRAINING of Precinct Chairs and County Chairs!!! He asked me if I was really connected to Training?
It was one of those moments when you stop…look to the Heavens… and say “OK dear lord I know that was you”.
I went away from that weekend experience knowing the job that must be done! As a Precinct Chair I am dedicated to leading by example with a strong commitment to connect with other Precinct Chairs throughout TEXAS – we need to do MORE – the SREC must step forward to do all we can to protect Texas from ANY and ALL challenges. The battle of the Ballot Box is REAL… please join me in our mission to KEEP TEXAS RED and READY…
Vote Charlotte L. Lampe for SREC – SD 7 on Friday, June 15th, 2018 – 8am at the Second SD Caucus!


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