SREC Charlotte
Charlotte L. Lampe received The Freedom Award from Helping A Hero Organization for severely wounded veterans. 

In 1978, Texas was a blue state that had voted reliably democratic for over a century. However, Charlotte L. Lampe worked diligently to change this reality when she phone-banked for Bill Clements in Harris County. Her mother had become the Harris County phone-banking coordinator and every vote mattered. The race was tight, and no Republican ever won the race for governor who was from the Republican Party. In November, the impossible happened and Governor Bill Clements did not run out of gas in the fourth quarter unlike the many before him. He beat Attorney General John Hill by roughly 17,000 votes and became the first Republican Governor since reconstruction.

Currently,  Charlotte is in her second term leading the Training and Development Committee for the Harris County Republican Party which is the largest republican county in the nation. She and her fellow committee members have created training guides for Precinct Chairs to give them actual tools for actual results. Charlotte understands that effective grassroots mobilization is essential to keeping Texas red. She understands that the State Republican Executive Committee is a governing body that has many functions and roles. Charlotte will ensure that our party structure like Precinct Chair and County Chair are being utilized.

She is a committed grassroots activist that has been fighting to protect conservative principles for over 40 years. Many might agree that politics has a bad reputation which creates only endless conflict.   However, because of your love of our Country, our Texas, and our republican way of life we are connected. She might never have met you, if not for politics that bringing us together to fight for a common cause. She talks with many people and is inspired by your dedication to our political process. For Charlotte, you are the unexpected joy that makes politics worthwhile.